18 passengers

Our Fun Rider Catamaran was proudly built here in Mexico using the latest green technology. Choosing to build our boats with green technology avoids contaminating fumes from fiberglass, creating a safer environment for the ocean, tourists and employees. Fun Rider is fast, safe and an incredibly stable boat; perfect for day trips to Isla Espiritu Santo, La Reyna, Reinita, San Rafael and other amazing places Baja has to offer. This catamaran is also built with the latest technology for helping assist people with disabilities.



On board you will find a full bathroom, water shower, comfortable seating, both sun & shade areas, ample space and full sound system. Our day trip to Espiritu Santo Island is around 6-7 hours, therefore your comfort and safety are essential to us. Lunch and drinks are provided and there is easy access to and from the water.


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