70’ Sailing Catamaran with two main levels – Capacity for 60 passengers – Cold and Hot buffet tables –  Full bar – Fixed tables and benches – Areas with both sun & shade – Two nets with a capacity of 15 people on each – Large stairs with easy access to the sea –  360º views on the second deck.


A large sailboat catamaran proudly built in 2017 with the latest green technology.

Sail rider is a commodious catamaran sailboat built with echo-friendly green technology in the manufacturing process. This process is a lot safer for the environment, passengers and crew aboard. The catamaran was manufactured by a vacuum resin infusion process where toxic gases are refrained from being released into the atmosphere. This method creates a uniform resin layer making the piece resistant and strong, creating a process that doesn’t hurt the environment.

Sail Rider has 2 aft platforms with the capacity of 15 people on each, as well as 3 access points to the water.

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