Day trip up to 250 passengers.


The Sun Rider 100 is the first eco-friendly catamaran proudly built in Mexico.

Sun Rider 100 is built using integrating green technology in the manufacturing process. Through the process of vacuum resin infusion where toxic gases are not released into the atmosphere. These gases are harmful to workers and the atmosphere, this method creates a uniform resin layer making piece resistant and strong, creating an environment friendly process.

Main Deck

The main deck includes a double buffet table, double grill, cold tables, 2 beer dispensers, full bar with bar stools and 11 tables & benches ready to seat 66 passengers.

On the main deck you will also find a sound room and souvenir shop. There are two separate restroom entrances, one for ladies and one for gentleman, on either side of the boat on the lower deck. On the sides of the boat, you will find access to the prow and on the front of the boat a large open space with more than 100 square meters where dancing and shows are performed. All of our boats are equipped with night lighting and sound system throughout the boat.



Second Deck

On the second level, you will find the wheelhouse and 11 spacious tables with side seating and more tables with benches so you can relax and enjoy your food with 360° ocean views. Our second level is very open and spacious leaving you room to dance and mingle.


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