Sea of Cortez Liveaboard (6 days)

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Embark on an unforgettable 6-day liveaboard scuba diving adventure in the Sea of Cortez aboard our vessel, “Adventure.” Dive into the waters that Jacques Cousteau famously called the “World’s Aquarium,” home to an unparalleled diversity of flora and fauna. With 891 species of fish (90 of which are endemic) and around 75% of the world’s marine mammal species, the Sea of Cortez offers a unique diving experience where desert landscapes meet the vibrant blue and turquoise waters.

Over the course of this extended excursion, you’ll immerse yourself in the beauty of nature both above and below the surface. Explore pristine dive sites, relax on deck, and soak in breathtaking views, enjoying stunning sunsets and starry nights with the Milky Way as your backdrop.

Our dedicated crew will ensure your journey is comfortable and enjoyable, catering to all your needs as you participate in outdoor activities and unwind in serene settings.

Join us for a journey that blends adventure, relaxation, and the unmatched natural beauty of the Sea of Cortez.


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+52 (612) 12 15161 or +52 (624) 14 32252


September 1 to 7 2024:
6 nights / 6 days diving
(Approx. 20-22 dives)

October 13 to 19 2024:
6 nights/6 days diving
(Approx. 20-22 dives)


Total Accommodation 18 Divers
Price per accommodation:

Double Cabin top floor (With view) $3,000 USD
Double Cabin $2,600 USD
Quad Cabin $2,400 USD


Marina Asipona La Paz

  • Please Note: This is a sample itinerary and nº of dives, dive sites, etc. may be subject to change due to weather conditions and other unforeseeable factors.

    Day 1: Safety Briefing, Crew Introduction, Necessary Dive Paperwork, Cabin allocation and ship orientation will take place before departing the Harbor.
    During the journey to our first dive site for a check dive, please take this opportunity to familiarize yourselves with the vessel and make yourself comfortable.

    Day 2: 3 to 4 Dives (Corralito, Los Islotes, Isla San Francisquito)

    This is the diving point, where you can 100 percent encounter sea lions. The big rock that sticks out from the ocean is where the colony of over 400 sea lions live.

    It is very fun that young growing sea lions, which were born last year, go zipping around underwater surprising scuba divers. For your information, the newborn babies start playing with scuba divers underwater in the middle of September.
    Their playroom is in the cave of the south side. They are so playful that they nibble divers’ fins and snorkels softly. Their big round eyes are very impressive. The babies are the most active during November to May.

    Day 3: 3 Day Dives, 1 Night Dive (Las Animas, Mobula night Dive)

    Las Animas is a popular liveaboard diving destination located off the coast of Mexico’s Pacific Ocean. The island is known for its pristine waters, diverse marine life, and unique underwater topography, making it an ideal destination for scuba divers seeking an unforgettable experience. Las Animas is characterized by a range of underwater terrain, including steep walls, sandy flats, and rocky outcroppings. The sandy flats offer divers the chance to encounter critters such as eels, rays, and octopuses. Adventure into the night dive where you can discover large groups of mobulas.

    Day 4: 3 Day Dives, 1 Night Dive (El Bajo, Los Islotes Night Dive)

    El Bajo is well known to have hammerhead sharks, whale sharks and marlin. There are three seamounts and even the pinnacles of the reefs are still 59 to 72 ft of deep. Mostly we do drift dives here from one of the pinnacles to 98 ft aiming to see hammerhead sharks. Besides that, you can see marlin passing in front of you and whale sharks swimming passing you on the way to descent or ascent. “El Bajo” is captivating with so many gorgeous big fish, it is so hard to take a break until you get back on board.
    Day 5: 3 to 4 dives (Los Islotes, Fang Ming, Lapas 03)
    Fang Ming wreck on 18th November 1999 the 56m long vessel was intentionally sunk to create an artificial reef. It now rests at 21m deep and is host to an abundance of marine life. Swanee reef is a natural beautiful reef full of life with many kinds of coral garden ells, octopus, Lobster and eventually sea lion hunting around easy dive 30 ft 10 meters eventually strong current this reef is the responsible for the ship wreck Salvatierra ferry

    Day 6: 3 to 4 Dives (Cañonero C-59, Salvatierra, Swanee reef, Punta lobos)

    Punta Lobos is a famous point with Mobula rays. Groups of 20 are common and visible in many areas. The Mobula season starts from July.

    During September and October, all these groups get together. The number can be thousands! In this season, when you go offshore from the entry point, you can see them packed from the surface to the bottom with very little space between.
    Salvatierra Water depth is about 65 ft. and there is a 262-ft-length ferry in almost complete condition, it has become a house of reef fish because it sunk on a channel where various fish pass by. Some scuba divers humorously take their picture when they sit on the toilet of the ferry.

    Day 7: 1 to 2 dives and Seafari (Dive site La Reyna, Seafari Isla Cerralvo)

    “La Reina” used to be a famous point to see Manta rays about a few years ago. Currently some big, 16-ft-class, Manta rays come here to be cleaned on an irregular basis.

    Seafari: A unique ocean expedition in the beautiful Sea of Cortez looking for a magical up-close encounter with ocean creatures always prioritizing the integrity and safety of the animals and our divers alike.

    Back to Marina!

    Dive Insurance
    Dive computer
    Liability Release Waiver
    Proof of certification
    *Proof of diving certification and dive insurance is required. Without proof, you will not be able to dive. NO EXCEPTIONS! *

    BCD – $80 USD entire trip
    Regulator – $80 USD entire trip
    Fins – $80 USD entire trip
    Mask – $80 USD entire trip
    Wetsuit – $80 USD entire trip
    Combo 2 piece: $140 USD
    Combo 3 piece: $180 USD

    Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
    Appetizers, non-alcoholic beverages (water, Soda, Coffee, Tea, Juice)
    Tanks, weight belts, weight
    Bilingual Dive Guide
    Room Cleaning Service
    Lifeline Marine Radio

    Dive gear (Available for rent)
    Nitrox ($180 USD)
    Nitrox Certification
    Park fee $8 usd per day.
    Dive Insurance
    Alcoholic beverages
    Crew gratuity (10% – 15%)


Biodegradable sunscreen, light luggage, arrive at least one day prior to boarding, Travel insurance.


25% deposit to hold your reservation.

25% due 6 months prior to scheduled trip date.

50% (remaining balance) due 3 months prior to scheduled trip date.


0% penalty for cancelations 9 months or more prior to scheduled trip date.

25% penalty for cancelations 6-9 months prior to scheduled trip date.

50% penalty for cancelations 3-6 months prior to scheduled trip date.

100% penalty for cancelations less than 3 months prior to scheduled trip date.


Passenger safety is paramount and therefore the captain has the sole discretion to change, delay, return early or cancel the cruise if necessary. These reasons include but are not limited to bad weather, perils of the sea, acts of God, political incidents, or force majeure.

Trip insurance is suggested as it provides you with reimbursement for unused, non-refundable, pre-paid trip costs if you are prevented from taking your trip due to a covered reason. All trip insurance is not the same, it is important to make sure that you purchase travel insurance that includes travel interruption.


The “Adventure” is of the utmost seaworthiness and is approved by the Mexican Coast Guard and It is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics and all safety equipment required. The boat is equipped with a compressor to fill both compressed air and nitrox tanks onboard.

The adventure is 100’ long the number of guests we can accommodate is 19 There are 8 airconditioned cabins that sleep 2 guests each and cabins that sleep 4 guests. All our cabins have a vanity with hot and cold water, a large drawer for each person and extra space under the bed for larger items and outlets (110V/60Hz). There are 2 cabins on the second floor of the boat that also include a window with a view of the ocean. Our crew cleans the rooms and bathrooms daily and provides clean towels every day.

The “Adventure” has 2 air-conditioned bathrooms. Our women’s restroom has 3 toilets, 2 full size showers and 2 vanities’. Our men’s bathroom has 2 urinals, 2 toilets, 2 vanity’s and 2 full size showers. The bathrooms are shared with all the passengers and each bathroom has their own soap and shampoo dispensers.

The galley is airconditioned and can accommodate all 19 passengers it is equipped with comfortable seating for eating and relaxing as well as a TV and a computer desk.

On the second deck there is a large, shaded sundeck with lawn chairs for relaxing in between dives.